Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alternsforschung, DGfA e.V.

Prof. Björn Schumacher
CECAD Research Center
University of Cologne
Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 26
D-50931 Cologne

The Association I Young Academics

Fostering young academics in the field of aging research through the Prof. Dr. Dieter Platt Foundation


DGfA will reimburse travel and economy-level hotel costs to student members, who present the results of their research at the Annual Meeting. Should it be necessary to print their work, then an allowance will be granted by DGfA, the amount of which should not exceed EUR 1000 per applicant. A maximum of 5 students will receive this benefit per Annual Meeting.


All claims for travel and printing costs must be substantiated by original vouchers at submission. Only then is it possible to effect reimbursement through money transfer.


Prof. Dr. Dieter Platt Foundation has always to be mentioned in the index of every scientific work and publication of the students.


The President of DGfA shall provide a copy of each student´┐Żs thesis, or a reprint of which, to the Prof. Dr. Dieter Platt Foundation.


Any application, claim or proposal has to be submitted to the President of DGfA. The latter will manage the grants and appropriations of the Dr. Dieter Platt Foundation, as well as he is in charge of collecting original vouchers and likewise submit these to the said foundation.


These funding and supportive measures will be effected through the Prof. Dr. Dieter Platt Foundation until the sponsorship is cancelled.

Please download application here.

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